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A Non-Conscious Experience (Swiss Army Man)

This brief post focuses on Eric Shouse’s definition of affect and how it differs from feeling and emotion. I’m going to filter his explanation through one of the most weird and wonderful films to come out in 2016, Swiss Army Man. The absurdity of a narrative that follows a suicidal man teaching a dead man… Continue reading A Non-Conscious Experience (Swiss Army Man)

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Han Solo Gets a Fresh Young Face

After making a name for himself as the sweet dim-witted Tobey in the latest Coen Brothers film and winning us over in the hilarious "that-it-were-so-simple" scene with Ralph Fiennes, actor Alden Ehrenreich is in the final stages of landing the role of Han Solo in the coming Star Wars spin-off. The Coen Brother's Hail, Caesar! (2016)… Continue reading Han Solo Gets a Fresh Young Face

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Game of Thrones – The Season 6 Dead Pool

Normally, when the season of an epic show ends, it takes a while to adjust to the fact that I won’t be following its characters anymore for a long time. For some, 8 months doesn’t qualify as a long time but when you’ve been binge watching James Spader be a badass on The Blacklist or… Continue reading Game of Thrones – The Season 6 Dead Pool