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A Non-Conscious Experience (Swiss Army Man)

This brief post focuses on Eric Shouse’s definition of affect and how it differs from feeling and emotion. I’m going to filter his explanation through one of the most weird and wonderful films to come out in 2016, Swiss Army Man. The absurdity of a narrative that follows a suicidal man teaching a dead man… Continue reading A Non-Conscious Experience (Swiss Army Man)

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Totalitarianism in Film

Since the term Ideology can be very broad, I’m going to narrow my discussion down to the societal aspect of ideology in film. Specifically the portrayal of totalitarianism in some of the most successful film franchises, how they have demonstrated ideology in the form of beliefs that control society. I will discuss the common themes… Continue reading Totalitarianism in Film

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Keanu Review

This movie is essentially a feature-length Key and Peele skit. Everything audiences loved (and maybe didn't love so much) about the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele comedy duo is utilized in this movie. Peele plays a seemingly ambitionless slacker who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. He finds and instantly falls in love with a… Continue reading Keanu Review

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The Legend of Tarzan Review

Having just experienced another live action adaptation of a Disney jungle movie this year (the visually stunning and highly energetic Jungle Book) the new standard had been set for movies of this kind. Now when we sit down to watch a jungle movie we will inevitably expect high quality computer generated wildlife and a story… Continue reading The Legend of Tarzan Review

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The Jungle Book 2016

Taking care not to expect too much from a fully CGIed film that takes place in a jungle, I approached The Jungle Book with only the hope that it would at least be thrilling enough to compensate for any  of it’s bound-to-be-disappointing elements. Disney, however, seems to be owning 2016. They’ve dropped this aesthetically glorious… Continue reading The Jungle Book 2016